Thursday, May 7, 2009

Journalism/Freelance Work

In addition to my ad portfolio, which you'll find below, I am a staff writer for, a local live music and theater review site.

My review archive (and photo of me at the stellar British Sea Power show at Minneapolis' Triple Rock Social Club in March '08) can be viewed here.

I also participate in the monthly HWTS podcast, where we discuss new local music, you can listen to any (or all) of them here.

I am a frequent contributor to City Pages for their Critic's Picks section. I also write occasional CD reviews and contribute to CP online as well. An archive of my work can be viewed here. Note: this list is incomplete. The CP editors choose the best writing to archive, so this is the proverbial cream of the crop.

I recently began writing for Tiger Oak Publications (METRO, Minnesota Bride, Lake Minnetonka and Edina magazines among others.) The latest of which is the September cover story for Edina magazine, it can be viewed here.

Advertising Work

Alternative Media. The implication is clear. These would be placed around the city for the public to interact with if they so choose.

Copy reads: It’s flawless appearance is something that everyone looks for. So clear you’d swear you could see your reflection. No nicks or scratches to speak of and a deep softness that looks like it took years to cultivate. Actually, while using our beauty and grooming products, anything you put on over your skin seems a bit redundant, but accessorizing never hurt anyone.

Copy reads: A classic look that says you’re conscious about your appearance, but you don’t follow trends. You don’t need attention, but command it nonetheless. With hair this healthy and vibrant, you hardly even notice the earrings. Using our beauty and grooming products often make an impression such as this. Make no mistake, it doesn’t happen by accident.

Copy reads: You’re always projecting an image to other people, consciously or not. But it’s something you can control. You can easily use it to your advantage by showing you have a perfect sense of style, a confidence in your decisions and grace under pressure. Using our beauty and grooming products is a strong start. Simply get dressed to complete the package.

Iso-Heet is a gasoline additive that prevents fuel lines from freezing and other winter weather-related engine problems.

The Mendota Heights Fire Department is fully volunteer. The tagline reads: The job is it's own reward.